“IMPORTANT DAYS” National Broadcasting Day in India Observed Annually on July 23 National Broadcasting Day in India, observed annually on July 23, commemorates […]
“IMPORTANT DAYS” National Mango Day 2024: Celebrating the King of Fruits National Mango Day is celebrated annually on July 22. In 2024, this […]
“IMPORTANT DAYS” 18 July – World Listening Day World Listening Day is observed on every year on 18 July. The purpose of celebrating […]
“IMPORTANT DAYS” Nelson Mandela International Day 2024 Every year on July 18th, the world unites to celebrate Nelson Mandela International Day, honouring the […]
“IMPORTANT DAYS” World Day for International Justice 2024, Promoting Global Accountability Every year on July 17, the global community comes together to observe […]
“IMPORTANT DAYS” 15 July – Social Media Giving Day Social Media Giving Day is observed every year on 15 July. Social Media Giving […]
“IMPORTANT DAYS” Malala Day 2024 Malala Day, celebrated annually on July 12, commemorates the birthday of Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani activist and the […]
“IMPORTANT DAYS” World Youth Skills Day 2024 World Youth Skills Day, observed annually on July 15th, was established by the United Nations General […]
“IMPORTANT DAYS” International Day of Combating Sand and Dust Storms 2024 Recognizing the international concern surrounding sand and dust storms, the United Nations […]
“IMPORTANT DAYS” World Population Day 2024 As July 11th approaches, the world prepares to observe World Population Day, an annual event that has […]

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