SANKALP INSTITUTE is one of the leading institutes in Patiala and Nabha (Punjab) providing education for various competitive exams like Banking, SSC, CDS, AFCAT, CLAT, etc. and many more. Sankalp Institute is run by a team of professionals who have left their careers in various government jobs with a passion for teaching and guiding the students to achieve their goals.

The main reason to start SANKALP was to remove all the difficulties which we faced during our preparation at an institute and provide all the necessary guidance, material, moral support, and other things to the students under one roof. 

Below are some of the things which we have tried to do differently from other institutes for the betterment of the students to maintain a high standard of quality.

  • Limited Strength per class (20 students maximum)

The first problem which is faced by a student at any institute is the number of students studying in one class. At most of the institutes, there are average of 40-50 students studying in a single class which makes it difficult for the students and teachers both to maintain proper contact with each other. As a result, most of the students are not able to clear their doubts properly.

So we have taken this in consideration and set the maximum strength of a single class to 20 students so that each and every student can interact with the teacher properly. We believe in quality, not quantity.

  • Full Day Study Room Option

One thing that we felt during our preparation days was that cracking any competitive exam needs daily 7-8 hrs of sitting, which most of the students find difficult to make. So we at Sankalp Institute made a provision for students to come to the institute and study there for a full day.

  • Group Study

It has been observed that those who study in groups find it easier to learn as they can share problems with each other. So full-day study option at our institute helps the students to study in groups, which as a result increases the chances of cracking the exam.

  • Proper Revision & Daily Doubt Sessions

One thing that most of the institutes’ lack is proper revision structure. Most of the times institutes focus on just completing the syllabus to fulfill their obligation. After the completion of the syllabus, the students are left on their own.

We have tried to rectify this at our institute. We have made a strategy so that a student can properly revise his syllabus and clear all the doubts. The first thing we do is to complete the syllabus. During the course of syllabus completion, we provide daily class sheets of different chapters which contain 80-100 important questions each. These sheets are first attempted by the students and then thoroughly discussed in the class with each and every student and then we move on to the next chapter.

After syllabus completion we make the students solve all the practice books of different subjects. The doubts from all the practice books are taken by the faculty on regular basis. At least one faculty member is always present with the students all the time for clearing their doubts. “Daily record of the work done by each student is maintained by the institute on regular basis”.

Moreover, the doubts from the mock tests attempted by the students are also taken on a regular basis and the strategies of attempting the exam are discussed with the students regularly.

We also conduct at least 10-15 Mock Tests of the students before every exam at our institute premises so that student gets used to the exam environment.

Special workshops on different exams are conducted before the exam to discuss important questions, previous year papers, paper solving strategies, etc.

  • Online Classes

As stated earlier we have been teaching online also for quite some time now. Unlike others, who provide recorded lectures, one-way live classes, we provide two-way live interactive classes, where a student can easily interact with a teacher as he/she can do in physical presence. A student can easily ask the questions live on the spot during the lecture. Likewise, at our institute, we keep the strength of online classes very limited.

  • Proper Study Material

The most important thing a student needs is proper study material which can help in cracking the exam. Most of the institutes get their own books printed with a very limited question base. This is done for the branding of the institute. Most of the students are lured by the number of books provided by an institute, but most of these books don’t contain anything which is required resulting in the loss of the students. All this is done for the marketing of a brand. We at SANKALP INSTITUTE don’t believe in this process. Instead, we provide the books which are best for the students and are easily available in the market. So that student can easily buy the books from the market in case he/she doesn’t want to get the books from the institute. (Fee is accordingly adjusted)